Birds @ Sagara

My granny’s house is located in a village called Bilgodi, in Sagara.

Ajji Mane

Ajji Mane


I stayed there from 16 to 23 April. I would start watching birds(properly) from 6 to 8 in the morning.  The no. of birds in the evening was many a times very much less than what I used to see in the morning (between 6 am to 12pm). I stuck to the mud roads and rice field near the house and didn’t much venture into thick green patches as I found it difficult to spot birds there. Standing in the periphery of the green patches, I saw a lot of birds. Here is a  list of  the birds( underlined ones are my lifers)DSC04839[1] DSC04841[1] DSC04842[1] DSC04842[1] DSC04843[1] DSC04844[1]

DSC04845[1] DSC04846[1] DSC04848[1] DSC04849[1] 


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