KRS backwaters 16 August ,2013

I and my family had gone to krs backwaters also called “blue lagoon”. It was a wonderful place to hang out. The gopal swamy temple which got submerged many years back is being reconstructed there. I am sure when the the temple gets finished people will come, litter the place and pollute the water. For now its 80% pollution free. It started to rain very heavily and with no choice we left the place.

DSC05511                                                                           gopal swamy temple under construction

DSC05558 DSC05559                                                                                                                    blue lagoon

We then went to a another area of back waters. There were many birds including Ibis. It was not a good place for the kids to swim so we headed towards bu varaha swamy temple. Water there was still worse.  When religion and rituals meets water, water pollution is always the product.

DSC05672                                                                       a little egret near the water body

Next we went to kere tonnur. The village has a huge lake at quite an usual altitude. Many tourists visit  this place to cool off from the so called water falls that is just water let out from the hill top by the government. It seems nobody knows the depth of the lake. Many years back 35 people were going to their villages that was on the other side. 35 people went on a single coracle. They died and since then boating is banned. There are also legends that gold idols and coins got submerged when some king was boating on the lake.

Very close to the lake there are 3 temples and we all know that parents never leave an opportunity to visit temples. In one of the temples we laid out carpet , spread out the junk we had brought, ate nicely, played badminton and of course I could do some bird watching 🙂

Photos of some birds

DSC05519                                                      large pied wagtail @blue lagoon

DSC05609                                                    red wattled lapwing @ krs back waters

DSC05621                                                  cattle egret @ krs back waters


white breasted water hen @ krs back waters


pond heron @ krs back waters

                                        DSC05689             DSC05690

Purple sunbird at kere tonnur

DSC05710                                                       Scaly breasted muniaDSC05714                                                      Flock of white throated munia @ kere tonnurDSC05726                                                   flock of white throated munia+black headed munia+scaly breasted munia

DSC05705                                                            copper smith barbet @ kere tonnur

DSC05703                                                            small bee eater @ kere tonnur


female purple rumped sunbird

DSC05732                                                                        indian grey hornbill @ kere tonnur


golden fronted chloropsis

List of birds

  • spotted doves( lots and lots of them, mostly sitting on electric wires, on the way to mandya)
  • common mynas
  • jungle mynas
  • house crows
  • jungle crows
  • cormorants
  • cattle egrets
  • blue rock pigeons
  • swallows
  • indian roller
  • magpie robins
  • large pied wagtails
  • small bee eater
  • indian grey hornbills(2)
  • great cowcals
  • rose ringed parakeets
  • purple rumped sunbirds
  • purple sunbird
  • house sparrows
  • great tit
  • ashy prinias
  • red vented bulbuls
  • red whiskered bulbuls
  • golden fronted chloropsis(2)
  • copper smith barbet
  • black headed munia
  • scaly breasted munia
  • white throated munias( 15-20 , feeding on grains or something that was on ground, scaly breasted munia and black headed munia was with them)
  • black kites
  • brahminy kite( fishing at ……)
  • little egrets
  • cattle egrets
  • white breasted water hen
  • pond herons
  • red wattled lapwing

There were so many birds , I definitely missed spotting many. I may have missed few names.

I even saw a mongoose crossing road 🙂


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