Bird Watchers’ Field Club Second Sunday Outing at Lalbagh 12 May,2013

This was the first time I attended the outing of Bng Bird group. It was really interesting,exciting and educative experience.

We left the glass house at around 7:40 am and started our quest for birds. However we could not stop ourselves from looking at almost each tree we passed by and know more about it.

Courtesy : Pramod Hegde


The camel foot tree which was the first gigantic plant we came across. I never knew that it was a climber and it is one of the few climbers with woody vines. It had spread across 8-10 meters I guess.

We then saw the Mynas(common and jungle) , Spotted dove (it was pecking on the ground).


We later came across a wide stretch of bamboo bush. We spotted magpie robins there. There was a male and female that I presume were not much bothered by our presence and seemed to be posing a lot for us. We even saw a tailor bird and a white cheeked barbet.

DSC01248 DSC01250

For the first time I saw copper smith barbets. I did not expect them to be so small!!!


We saw red cotton bugs or cotton strainer bugs moving around the Kumkum tree.

We saw a beautiful huge tree with tiny red fruits which Koels were feeding upon. It is called Java fig tree. Unlike other “ficus” trees I have seen so far this one did not have fruits on barks but on branches. MBK sir explained it like this – In rain forests there is always a competition for sunlight. So one of the reason may be that if a tree has figs growing on branches, figs may cover the leaves and lessen the sunlight reaching. The other could be about pollination. Most fig trees are pollinated by wasps. But there are certain figs that can be pollinated by mammals, flowers on trunk are more reachable ” So in this way each tree has evolved.

Then we saw the Arjuna tree. It may be called so because “Arjuna”  in Sanskrit means white and the trunk and branches of this tree were more or less white in color. We saw a squirrel munching on the seed pods of this tree.


We saw this very cute spotted owlets resting on the branches.


We had this really good conversation on surface tension n all I could understand only 40-50% and rest just flew over my head. I did understand those stuff about taste of water.

I ate kokum fruit for the first time. It tastes very different from the juice I have drank. Its sour.

We then moved to the lake area. It was a awful sight. Lot of garbage on the banks and the worst part was Birds were feeding on it.  We saw Purple Moorhens, White breasted water hen,Pond herons, Grey herons, White breasted kingfisher and Cormorants.

 Purple Moorhen


    White breasted water henDSC01267


          Pond heron – the habitat is completely destroyes


  Grey Heron                                                                                                                                                                                                             




Near the lake area on a gulmohar tree we saw this – Spotted owlets


DSC01285While moving to the West gate we saw Jamoon tree and Tamrind tree(the flowers had blooomed , they smelled brilliantly). I even tasted the leaves they were sour and nice

All this time Srinivas sir, MBK sir and others were there educating us. It was a wonderful experience 😀



  • Crow(Jungle and house)
  • Magpie Robin(male and female)
  • Myna(common and jungle)
  • Copper smith barbet
  • White cheeked barbet
  • Rose ringed parakeets
  • Spotted owlets
  • Black kites
  • Brahminy kite
  • White breasted kingfisher
  • Grey herons
  • Cormorants
  • Purple moorhens
  • White breasted water hen
  • Tailor bird
  • Spotted dove
  • Blue rock pigeon

Some trees

We obviously saw many trees but I could remember the names of only a few…

  • Camel foot tree
  • Pink Cassia
  • Java fig tree
  • Arjuna tree
  • Bamboos
  • Tamarind tree
  • Jamoon tree
  • Red ebony
  • Bottle brush tree
  • Peepal tree

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