Fig, A flower!!!!

Until yesterday I had no idea that fig is not a fruit but a flower!!!

We saw a fig tree yesterday in Lalbagh. Sangeetha explained us about figs.

Each fig is like any flower with anthers and stigma. Figs have evolved, few thousand years back and so they have devised a unique mechanism of pollination. Each fig is pollinated by only one kind of wasp. Wasp that pollinates banyan tree figs can’t pollinate another kind of fig.

A female wasp that posses wings drills a hole and enters the fig. While drilling a hole it loses wings and once entering it lays eggs and dies there. The eggs hatch into young ones that include both males and females. The off springs mate and the male wasps die. As the new female moves around inside the fig , pollen grains get on its body. The new female wasps may use the hole drilled by the mother or make a new hole and leave the fig. It next flies to another fig to lay eggs. When it enters, the pollen reaches the new fig and fertilization occurs.

So in this way the fig provides shelter to wasps and wasps helps in pollination.

Courtesy : Internet

Image: Pollinator wasp



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