Green Scraps – Last day :(

Today we had loads of fun at Lalbagh.

Earlier in the day Sangeetha showed us her journal where she sketched and described what she saw as she walked across Puttenhalli lake area. We had to do something like that. We could not spend more than 5 minutes on any tree or bird. We could sketch and describe anything we saw on our way. This was really nice. Here is mine




I loved the above activity. I think these are the best sketches I have done till l now in my green scraps book. We can even do this when we go on a hike or something like that.

After this we played a game in which we were divide into two groups one led by Shilpa and other by Sangeetha. Shilpa took us to a place where we could pick any tree, describe and sketch it as vividly as possible within ten minutes. The other group did the same. We exchanged books with the other group. Then we had to spot the tree the other group member had described. Fun game isn’t it???

I had drawn this and Tanvi Agarwal found it easily and I found her tree.

DSC01231Next we wrote about Lalbagh in a sheet of paper, just one sentence. We then made bookmarks for each other. Later each of us expressed our views on the workshop and showed our best sketches. At last Shilpa and Sangeetha gave us this card which we all had made together in the last two days.


The workshop had to end at 10:30 but none of us were ready to leave but at last we had to. It was about 11:40 when we left the place.  I wish the workshop could extend for more days…

So at the end of the day the tagline is ” You think photography is the only way to capture nature ? Think again and enter into Green Scraps”


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