Green Scraps – DAY 4

Today we learnt bird sketching…..

First Sangeetha explained us about different parts of a bird which is very important when it comes to sketching birds like legs, tail, vent, rump, crown, bill, belly, breast and more. We have to observe the parts and sketch them correctly. When it comes to sketching birds the posture,color and many times the habitat is very important. We can even draw the silhouette too. As you know when sketching animals we got to be very quick   and need free hand movement.

We started by just drawing circles. This can be done every day to improve our skill says Sangeetha.

This one I did at home


Then we started sketching the birds that were on the boards to start with. Before this Sangeetha and Shilpa thought us how to sketch birds easily by drawing ovals.


We even tried blind contour sketching and as always its a disaster!!! Doesn’t even look like a bird right?


We then went to the lake. We tried sketching the cormorants,kingfishers and crows. Obviously we had to see through the binoculars and then sketch. It was quite difficult.


We saw White breasted kingfishers, White water hen, Purple moorhen , Lesser coucal, Jungle crows, Mynas, Pigeons , Black kites, Pond herons along with the Great cormorants that we sketched.

At home I tried sketching birds to increase pace while sketching




Hope to get some good sketches in future 😀


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