Green Scraps DAY 3

Today was a wonderful day as we started our journals .

But first we were thought another sketching technique.


Tree impressions play a key role in identifying trees. Every tree has unique leaves, bark ,flowers, seeds and seed pods. I took the impressions of the Peepal treeDSC01213

Sangeetha explained us about compound and simple leaf. She also explained pinnate leaf, bi-pinnate leaf and even and odd pinnate leaf. On requesting Sangeetha explained to me once more with examples 🙂


Then Shilpa thought us to do the silhouette of trees. This is essential because each tree  species has different shape and this again helps in identifying.

This is silhouette of Plumeria tree picture001

Now we are done with the sketching techniques.

We  wrote about and sketched two trees.

I chose the Plumeria tree(there were many with different color flowers)

DSC01211Then I could not resist myself from sketching this wonderful tree. I fell in love with it    The cannon ball tree. DSC01214All these days Sangeetha and Shilpa have explained us a lot about the trees. I will write separate post on that later .



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