Green Scraps – DAY 2

At the start of the day Sangeetha and Shilpa showed some of their nature journals and how we can write our own. We can write like a check list, a story or a small note. The content can be more scientific or more poetic. Its the way we want our journal. We can also draw pictures in between.

I will start writing mine from now on because in future when I turn back the pages I want to recall and cherish old memories. Also writing journal helps keep a record of sightings of animals and trees.

Today we also learned some more sketching techniques.

So the first technique was the Blind Contour Sketching ‘modified’ . In this we carefully observed the object and also were allowed to see the book while sketching, but again no lifting pencil once we start!

Few sketches


Now the detailed sketches. Shilpa explained how to shade sketches based on light that strikes the object. But before the sketching a fun game!

So the game was like this. We were blind folded and asked to feel a substance in a bag. Each one got a different object. We had to feel it and then sketch it. Obviously the object was hidden after removing the blind fold. This was what I did



After completing this we saw the objects. I must say Sangeetha and Shilpa have a great collection of various kinds of seed and seed pods.

After seeing we did the detailed sketch. I got the seed pods of silver oak tree. The pods were fresh and green. These pods dry and then burst open to scatter seeds says Sangeetha. So here is the detailed sketch. Really a bad one. I found it quite difficult to draw.

Shilpa explained that while drawing complicated objects we have to make a brief outline as how it appears and then go for the details , this really makes the process easy.


Then another technique of sketching. In this we use a stencil as view finder.



Through the view finder we have to look at the object and observe the positive and negative phase. The positive phase is what you want to draw and negative phase is what you don’t want to. Now if we are sketching a landscape , we see the area through the view finder , then we draw the space between the trees(this is the negative space). We concentrate on the negative space. We later shade the negative space and gradually the positive phase is enhanced.



On shading the spaces between the branches the tree is enhanced. This technique is used to get the exact distance between the objects and this makes it easy to go for the details later.

At home I did this. The pod is not good. I tried once again and second one is better. Need more practice to get a good sketch






2 thoughts on “Green Scraps – DAY 2

  1. Your workshop organisers sangeetha n shilpa r lucky to have people like you who draw neatly. if i wud go, dey wud surely leave dis workshop conducting work 😛

    Nice sketching 😀

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