Green Scraps – Nature Journaling workshop DAY 1

First day of Green Scraps was just awesome. Sangeetha Kadur and Shilpashree are two wonderful artists organizing the camp. There were twelve others as curious as I was to know more about the workshop.

So in the workshop we basically learn to observe, sketch and describe the Natural World.

We started the day looking for stuff, something soft,something purple, something round,seed,seed pod and more.

Then book and working materials were given. The book has three kinds of sheets. There are 3-4 information sheets on leaf patterns,cloud patterns and parts of birds.

A key thing to keep in mind while nature jounaling is to record the Name of species, Date, Place, Time of Day(early morning,afternoon…), Weather, First impression, Cloud patterns, Habitat , Behavior and finally Personal feelings(make your journal ore personal 🙂 )




First we had to think of a “natural thing” that starts with the first letter of our name and then draw. In my case its an ‘A’ and I drew this.


I was introduced to this new technique of sketching called Blind Contour Sketching. We tried it with various leaves we found lying on the ground. We later tried identifying the base,leaf margin,arrangement and more of the leaves.



This was a very unique pod we saw. Tried blind contour technique and finally another horrible picture!!




Here is the pic I found on the net about Pterocarpus echinatas

The I wonder Page


At the end of the day I realized how interesting and fun trees and leaves are. I wonder how many people manage to remember the names of trees, its all Greek and Latin to me. Seriously remembering bird names are soo easy than the trees. 

P.S. sorry for the bad handwriting 🙂



4 thoughts on “Green Scraps – Nature Journaling workshop DAY 1

  1. Wonderful to see this! Sangeetha is a fairly good friend of mine and I respect the fact that not only is she so talented, she is sharing her gifts and knowledge with others. You’ve learnt a lot, and used your time so well! I’ll probably visit this blog entry a few more times 🙂

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