The guests arrived finally!!!!

Today was a special day since squirrels visited my terrace for a snack break finally! They do visit my terrace everyday but never in my presence. I had to crawl and try to find a good place where I could see them clearly between the network of pipes. But it was fun!!!

The day started out like this…  I put some rice along with 2 bowls of water. A koel which happened to notice the delicacy hopped down to dig in when it was  chased away by a house crow. Then 2 more crows gathered and started to eat.

This is not rice I agree but I had put a sweet along with the rice


A squirrel followed them and a pigeon followed the squirrel



Soon there was another squirrel and then another. These squirrels not only were eating but also playing , chasing one another around the crows  that were quite scared of the hyper active squirrels. dsc2


Slowly there came another squirrel. This one I always look for and is easy to identify. This is the squirrel with cut tail. It gazed at me for sometime but seeing the other friends feast it did not bother my presence. I believe that when there are many squirrels and other birds around , even if the squirrels feel threatened they also feel secure along with the other creaturesdsc6

here it is eating . You can see 3 squirrels in this picturedsc8After sometime 3 squirrels left climbing a cable but there was one which did not leave. It wanted to climb the branch touching the water tank but the branch was close to me. It was scared. It tried to find different ways to reach the branch. I left the place so that it could go and quickly it climbed the branch and moved away. dsc9

This squirrel(same as the one above) had beautiful and unique tail




2 thoughts on “The guests arrived finally!!!!

  1. OMG! You are sooo lucky were I live their is a busy street nearby and no animals come except crows and magpies and their are pigeons but they never come you know of some way to make animals come more often

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