Specimens of my own

I don’t know collecting these stuff is good or bad but till now when I see something like these lying on ground I pocket them. I mean no harm and if its wrong I will stop 🙂 A dead bee DSC00741 An egg of lizard, it was found inside the tube light DSC00748 Tail Feather of Rose ringed parakeet found at school DSC00753 Pigeon, mynah, parakeet feathers found on roads DSC00752 Eggs of butterfly, all are hatched. Also found at school DSC00750 Tail Feathers of Rufous tree pie. Found this in kolkata. It was a captive bird. I tried to speak with the locals asking to release but they refused to release it. When they took the bird two feathers fell down DSC00751 Few insects collected by my friends for science exhibition. They claim to have collected the dead ones and did not kill any. After the exhibition it was of no use to them so I took it. DSC00754 P.S. All stuff above fell or was dead naturally, I posed no harm 🙂


8 thoughts on “Specimens of my own

  1. Some photographers freeze live butterflies and place the frozen ones in a correct angle on flowers, to get that perfect shot I’ve heard!

  2. You helped us to find out what kind of bird my feather that I found came from. We googled up the pigion feathers and your picture came up. thank you for showing us.
    Eli Warkworth Primary School Room 24

  3. hi I ‘m fascinated by your pics I wanted to have a collection of my own I ❤ love animals I'm very interested today i found the wings of a bird it seemed like some animal had eaten the body and left the wings they were connected by a bone in the middle it was awesome I wanna keep collecting animal finds I'm pretty sure the bird is a pigeon I also have two budgies their like ring tailed parakeet but smaller I hope I can be like you one day!

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