The Feast!!!!!

I daily put some food mainly fruits,vegetables and sometimes leftovers to birds and squirrels on our terrace. I try a lot to hide and take few snaps of them eating but somehow they spot me and they move away immediately!  They come back when I am gone. I even keep two bowls of water which are empty by evening which makes me wonder if the sun is the reason behind it or the animals.

Here are few pics

This was the first day when I put a mix of everything


I did not understand why this myna instead of drinking  water from the bowl drank water that was spilled on floor


As much as I saw the pigeon did not bother to try the watermelons. But when I put chapatis pigeons ate it.



Crows are very bold they don’t bother much if a human is watching them.


I observed a unique behavior of this crow. The chapati I had put was quite hard. Before the crow ate chapati it dipped it in water for sometime and then ate.  Did it do to soften its food???

The day I put chapati I had also put cucumbers, by evening there was not even a single piece of chapati left and cucumbers appeared not to be eaten. I guess animals are now more inclined towards “human made food”



Watching squirrels eat is an absolute delight. They stand on two limbs and eat hurriedly holding the food with the other two limbs. But no sooner they see me than they run away. So till now I could not manage to get a good shot of them eating food I have put on my terrace.

The below picture was taken on my neighbor’s terrace. I threw the banana near a flock of crows feeding on papaya, the squirrel was stealing some food stealthily. As I threw the banana piece the squirrel stole it and ran away from the flock of crows.


This is a picture I took by carefully crawling on ground , just when I was about to click my cousin entered the terrace and the squirrel ran away 😦





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