The Rice Story April 16, 2013

Long time ago around few hours back there was a  Koel( he is alive even now). Like any other day he was perched upon a tree when his eyes caught the sight of something… something so delicious, something so white , something so plenty…

He thought for sometime whether to eat or not. He made up his mind and got down the tree to be the first to try out that something white that was there.

“Yes! I will taste it” said the Koel and hopped down. First he tried a little. Wow! so yummy! was what he felt. The Koel ate some more and then even more.

The Koel kept eating…
All this while there was one who was watching the Koel closely. He also wanted to try this white thing. He also wanted to relish it just like the Koel. He could not resist his temptation.

He jumped down and joined the feast. He was a bit scared to join the Koel but he was brave. The Koel was kind to share his food with a small rodent. They ate the food until they were full.

And the story ends here :)
P.S.  Not a bedtime story, based on real life situation :)

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