Story of two kites October 15, 2012

Festive mood of Makar Sankranti had gone long ago but people continued to dot the sky with their colorful Kites. Little did they know the potential threat of  flying Kites. It was a fine afternoon in late February. I was heading home after a weary day at school. Suddenly I caught the sight of a dangling ‘kite’ – a Black kite.
It was in a pathetic condition for the bird’s wing was caught in the nylon thread of a Kite (that got tangled between the boughs of the tree). I was helpless. The tree was tall and sleek. There was no point of climbing it. I asked help from the neighbors but they hesitated to help. Soon there came a ray of hope.  My Aunt , her son and my teacher were walking home.
Just like me, they could not see the bird struggling except that they were not weeping like me. We tried to untangle the bird’s wing with the help of long sticks but it did not work out. I was sure that the neighbors would not help as I always believed that there are very few people in the world who really care for animals. My belief  was  shattered soon. Probably their heart melted seeing the hanging kite knocking the door of death.
Very soon many neighbors gathered around. We asked for sticks,strings,stool and blanket from them and they readily provided. A bike rider stopped by who came for help. He was tall and so stood on the stool with the stick in hand to release the kite while we stood below holding a blanket to catch the kite when it falls.
The nylon thread was cut and the kite fell down. It did not land on the blanket as we thought. It hopped a few times and then flew away. The incident changed my perspective. People are not that insensitive towards other creatures , they do come to help them when needed. It was a memorable day for me.

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