Rosies,Rosies,Rosies,Rosies!!!!!! April 16, 2013

I and my cousin went to this BBMP park near my house hoping to see few rosy starlings. When we reached we were welcomed by hundreds of rosy starlings!!! It was a big surprise for my cousin who had never seen sooooo many birds together.
Here are a few pics I managed to take…
looks like any ordinary dry treee?????

are u sure???
you are wrong… take a close look

I agree its a different tree but is almost same when u look close
When those birds called the rosy starlings or rosy pastors start to fly……….
first a few….

then lotsssssss……

and lotssssssssss

they change their paths…..

and last they return… :)

One thought on “Rosies,Rosies,Rosies,Rosies!!!!!! April 16, 2013

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