My little friend October 20, 2012

 My second round test was fast approaching and I was hardly studying, waiting to escape from the boring world of TEXT BOOKS. A Sunday (to be precise on 26 August) I found this in front on my house lying before the gate. It was a good reason to escape from studies you see…

It probably had fallen from the Rain tree before my house. There was no sign of injury except that it was not able to move or balance itself. I brought it home and got suggestions from Krishna MB sir. I did the same thing which me and my friends had done to two young squirrels (3-4 days old) which my teacher had found on 14 Aug . I kept the squirrel near a hot bottle wrapped with cloth in a box.
The first day it did not eat anything.
Coming days…..
Next day, we (me, my sis and my mom) were successful in feeding apples,bananas and dates.
It was not able to stand on its legs. The left part of its body had become fully weak.
For a few days we(especially my mother) wrapped its leg with a cotton cloth dipped in red soil. It was like a plaster cast we humans wear if we have fractures. Because of this method, within few days the squirrel was able to walk a little, stand on its leg and slowly was able to climb.
Every day after coming from school, before going to school or tuition my only work was to feed it. I truly loved it very much….

Depressed Squirrel……

I thought the squirrel had to recover still more before I leave it free. But the squirrel now disliked the walled area. It probably wanted to go home. It looked were depressed and was not eating much. Krishna MB sir said many times animals go hungry to kill themselves. I thought it was better to leave the squirrel free. I never wanted to see it die.
On a Thursday morning, probably in second week of September I left it on the tree . At that time I experienced the most confused feelings ever.  I was happy that, now the squirrel would be able to lead a free life but at the same time I was sad that no  longer I could have this little creature with me. I had confidence(I guess I was over confident) that the squirrel would be able to climb the tree. My prediction was true at least for sometime

Sad ending………

I spent the whole day having faith that the squirrel will make it and will lead a good life until…
A crow attacked the squirrel that evening and it again fell from the tree. This time there was no damage to its leg but to its eye. One of its eye was bleeding. It was a horrible sight. Now there was only one way……
With  a heavy heart I gave it to PFA(People For Animals). I just hope the squirrel is alive today and is leading a good life with other squirrels in captivity as it is sure that this little one now, can never make it in the wild

It was all my fault…….

I sometimes feel I should have not let the squirrel go , atleast then it would have not encountered the crow. Or I should have given it to PFA earlier only. I thought I would be able to take care of it. Desire to help animals probably had made me blind – who could not take right decisions. There are many days when I still cry remembering the squirrel and even now I cannot control my tears. I still remember the dark spot on its nose – its distinct mark. I am really bad at helping animals….


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