Dogs and birding April 28, 2012

I think me and dogs don’t have a good relation when it comes to birding. Last time near my brother’s house me and m brothers were chased by dogs and again during my trip I was chased twice.
After watching many birds , I was returning back to my granny’s house when I heard the sound similar to a hen. The call was really weird and I waited there to find out who produced the sound. Suddenly a Malabar hornbill came out from bushes and sat on a tree which was some 5 meters from me. No sooner I switched on the camera , the bird flew away and sat on another tree which was still far from me. I followed its calls and was moving and the the hornbill was flying from one tree to the other and I could not get a good shot but managed to get only this one
It then flew somewhere and I could not find it but however on my way back I saw Minivet and other birds. As I was coming back suddenly a dog was loudly barking at me and was few meters from me. I was all alone and I took a stick and stayed still and slowly escaped.
The next day at a function , I and my brother and a sister went out looking for birds as there were trees around. We saw wood peckers, common iora and chestnut headed bee eater. As we were moving we reached main road(or we can say mud road) and a dog was waiting some meters away ready to chase us. It was at a distance so we slowly moved and when it was out of sight we ran away. We thought the dog would have gone and stopped to watch a chestnut headed bee eater eating a dragonfly. After few minutes we saw a farmer and were talking to him and at that time the dog which had chased us came and seeing the farmer , thank god the dog moved away.
So I have been chased  by dogs thrice when I have gone for birding and thats why sometimes I get scared going out especially when there are many stray dogs around.

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