Birds Birds Birds !!! April 28, 2012

Small note on the birds I saw in my trip
First we went to Maravanthe where my aunt lives. There house was in a perfect place. There was tall trees surrounding the house. Few meters from the house was their coconut plantation and next to it was the rice field. Suparnika River was some 20 metres from the house. The beach was about 1 kilometer from their house. So it was a beautiful place for birding and I saw many new birds.
this is the picture of the river
There were many Black headed orioles and Racket tailed drongoes. Brahminy kite was a common bird of prey seen probably, because of the river nearby. White breasted kingfisher, Magpie robin and cattle egrets were also common birds I saw. For the first time I saw wood peckers and I was really happy.
here is a list of birds

  1.  Black drongo
  2.  Racket tailed drongo
  3.  Brahminy kite
  4.  Red wattled lapwing
  5.  Rufous wood pecker
  6.  White breasted kingfisher
  7.  Magpie robin
  8.  Black headed oriole
  9.   Rufous tree pie
  10.  Large pied wagtail
  11.  Bee eater
  12.  Cattle egret
  13.  Pond heron
  14.  Flame back wood pecker
  15.  Lotens sunbird
  16.  Red whiskered bulbul
  17.  Common myna
  18.  Jungle crow
  19.   House crow
  20.   Black kite
  21.  Spotted doves

My granny’s house was a great surprise to me. Now I understand what I was missing all this years sitting there and groaning that the place had nothing to do. I was there only for a single day but still I saw many birds.
Red whiskered bulbuls and Racket tailed drongoes were the birds sighted all the time. Malabar hornbill was a I was really happy to see. For the first time I saw hill myna and golden fronted leaf bird. There were other birds too which were new to me like Minivet, Common iora, Jungle babbler  and Black headed munia. I only heard the loud sound of peacock and could not see it.
here is the list

  1. Racket tailed drongo
  2. Greater coucal
  3. Red wattled lapwing
  4. Jungle crow
  5. House crow
  6. Magpie robin
  7. Jungle babbler
  8. Scarlet minivet/ Long tailed minivet
  9. Common hill myna
  10. Malabar grey hornbill
  11. Golden fronted leafbird
  12. Common iora
  13. Cattle egret
  14. Black headed munia
  15. Large pied wagtail

Here is the link to check the pictures
the pics are not really good but its for record.


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