Birding in a small thicket

I was at my brother’s house( which is near outer Ring Road) on 2.April.2012. On that day evening I was birding with my two brothers near the thicket opposite to his house. Its full of  deciduous trees and thorny shrubs. There is a big drain near by and many birds are attracted to the wastes in the drain and also a  small hill next to it , where wastes are dumped.
this is the picture of the hill
As we went on our path, the first bird to see was this White Breasted Kingfisher

Its place was later occupied by this Dove. I’m guessing it to be a spotted dove juvenile as there are no spots on its neck

We went near the dirty water body when this guy and gal were waiting to be photographed. At first I thought it to be some kind of “chat” and then I thought it was Indian robin as the female had reddish vent but however Deepa mam corrected me and said that it was pied bush chat.

As we went closer to the water all the birds flew away. However I managed to take this picture of  a pond heron.
I have seen these herons making a sudden landing all the time. It appears as if they are crash landing like a plane. But I have not seen them land from a close distance and so I’m not sure about how they end up on land.
On suggestion from my elder brother , we all went deeper into the thicket  following the drain to reach the high way. The pathway was filled  with thorny bushes.
This was the bird I was looking  to photograph and find the ID  and it is a common sandpiper.
Suddenly we saw few dogs at a distance barking at us and we took another path but soon ended with the same dogs. We did not go back. We took another path only to find yet another dog 1 or 2 meters away charging at us. We did not move and slowly the dog calmed down and went away as soon as it saw its master.
There was a big shed near by and  we watched the pigs feeding on filth. There are many other animals like rabbits and turkey kept in a cage in that area. There were many cattle egrets on the pig shed.I like this breeding plumage of cattle egrets.
Later on we reached the high way and came back to our house.
here is the list of birds we saw
1. White breasted kingfisher
2. Spotted dove
3. Jungle crows
4. House crows
5. Pied Bush chat
6. Pond heron
7. A swallow or a swift (i donno)
8. Ashy prinia
9. Common Sandpiper
10. Black kite
11. Rosy Starlings
12. Mynas
13. Brahminy kite
14. Coucal
15. Rose ringed parakeet
16. this unknown bird

17 and this bird too , whose only tail i could get :p


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